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Do you like reading the books of great writers? How many books have you read in school over the past year? Baldina is a teacher who makes you love books the way she loves them!

Immerse yourself in school with Baldina! A strict teacher who will persecute you. If you miss the class, she chase, and get you back. All what she want, the correct poem lyrics.
Collect all 8 tips and quickly go back to classroom, to recite the lyrics and win the game. If you get wrong in lyrics, or skip the lesson, Baldina will get mad and punish you.
Be careful, because notes mixed randomly, so you must understand right sequence.

Use boosts to avoid interference from school staff. They are very kind people, but they love to pester you.

Look for boosts to help yourself during the game.

Hints - Paper fragments with poem lyrics.
Book - Stops Baldina for a short time.
Burger - Guard like burgers much more, than punish children.
Answers “A+” - Give it to MathGirl, and she will solve tasks by herself.
Lock Pick - Helps to leave the room when the Bully lock you.
Newspaper - Drop it on the Principal’s way, to distract him.
Boots - Helps you to run up on the wet floor.
Key - Opens the Principal's room with boots.
Mirror - Helps you get rid of the Queen of the school influence. Use a mirror to make Queen became Gorgon Queen and not draw away your attention.
The key to the director's - opens the director's door to pick up shoes.

Features "Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar":
- unique characters;
- The developed world of school with its own characteristics;
- the tense atmosphere of the game;
- unforgettable adventures;
- The basics of literature in school and not only.


Use the WASD keys to move on school, and the mouse to turn. 
LEFT CLICK to pick up items, RIGHT CLICK to use the currently selected item, and SCROOL WHEEL to change the currently selected item. 
Hold down SHIFT to run.
Press SPACE bar to quickly look behind you.
ESCAPE can be used to pause.

Steam release!



We have released a new version of Baldina, now in Steam!

We will be glad if you follow the link and rate our game.
We added a secret level and a secret ending, this is no longer anywhere.


We hope for your support.


To our great regret, the game on the Google Play Market has been blocked.
Here is a link to the game for Android version

Android game!


Unfortunately, the iOS version was blocked.
We are trying to solve the problem.

Thanks for your support!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaldinaEducationAndLearning



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Win (Ver. 0.0.4) Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar_.zip 32 MB
Mac (Ver. 0.0.4) Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar_.zip 35 MB
Win (Ver. 0.0.5) Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar.zip 42 MB
Mac (Ver. 0.0.5) Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar.zip 45 MB

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Love it!

why is the steam version 6 dollars 

No idea.

Dude, This is not an original game. It shouldn't have a price. If you make a game based off another game (without even mentioning the original) and you give it a price tag, you could easily be sued. It is legal to make a fangame but if you go as far to make it cost money and not credit the original, You're stealing, So stop it.

It doesn't. The payment is optional. If you mean the steam version, I have no idea.

Not to mention this is built from the ground up with no stolen assets.

does this have to cost money.

It doesn't. The payment is optional.

Well, even though it isn't the best in the quality, and it seems like the most empty shell clone on the surface, its actually, somehow fun to play! Despite the memes, which were REALLY unnecessary, characters were alright. It isn't even that unoriginal! With the music, graphics, characters and the game itself, it feels like it has its own pleasant aesthetics.

What i would really recommend to you Awecom, is please, you do have good potential in weird character design and making some pretty enjoyable games, just please, make your own original ideas. It isn't a problem to make fan-games, some people make fantastic ones, it just doesn't work here, not that funny! Baldina wasn't bad. Your other games like :

Evil Granny: Nurse in Hospital,

Play for Angry Teacher,

5 Nights of Basics Education.

It just sounds like a joke in the names. These titles don't even make any sense! It sounds like these awful google play games. You are just stretching the fan-game aspect tooooo much. By keeping doing this, you would fall into obscurity.

I am following you and your youtube channel. I would be really interested in your weird and fascinating character designs that you personally make. Waiting to see for your next project!

It's just a Balid's Basic's clone

Gameplaygames: I Don,t know what He Does

You Can do 0.0.6

Idea for this Version: Add A Robot Character 

And what does he do?

(1 edit)

Is this really 1.0.0...

Where you find this apk?
No. Ver 1.0 is not ready

(1 edit)

It was the official one from mediafire.

(1 edit)

Is the one in steam 0.0.6? If so, you should port this version on mobile. Also, can you make it free or cheaper? If not, that does not matter. My cousin actually loves this game because the characters are cute and funny. Great job! :)




hey may i got a quiz dust baldina is baldi wife

No, she is not.

well i like baldi x baldina is better ship 


Please make a linux version!

Well it would be a honor if anymore could put any baldina texture they find on a comment

When I start the game and press play button I can't see my mouse and can't start the game.

Press "Esc" (Escape) Key Then Press Play.

its ----ing



No, it is NOT their fault. this was done by apple and google respectively.

oh no now theres boosts and you have to pay usd


Hey Baldina, come check out my game, your game is kind of similar to my game. :D


How to get older version (v. 0.0.2) ??

Will the update be on Pc version too? Please


This game is something like Baldi For Girls

excuse me is this ever gonna get updated pls

I play on Android baldina cristmas

So now I tried to redownload the normal but it kept doing the Christmas one.

I got the Christmas one, but the normal one I tried to get mod menu but the game didn't work.


what is this baldi ripoff?

no its baldi with the super crown from new super mario bros deluxe

where did yoy get the super crown from new super mario bros deluxe idea from


so yeah! thats how its done! btw you can keep the current characters and stuff like that. or you dont have to do this at all. (sorry for spamming i just wanted to tell you this)


Hi Bro! We got really useful information from your messages, so now we think that can fix some wrongs and add much better new content in the next update. Thanks for your advices!


also if you want to make it 90s make every font comic sans because you useally find comic sans being used in a lot of 90s to early 2000s stuff! even edutainment games!

(2 edits) (+2)

also if you want to make your image pixelated and not blurry in unity click on the sprite or image you imported as a asset and you will see some options for the image and i image viewer you see that option compression? lets turn that to none! that removes the compression but does not make it unblurry. i just wanted to show the turn off compression option so your sprites dont look weird. like that image that has baldina's eyes. see how they look bluish and redish and you can see some big pixels around her eyes? thats what i mean. okay! heres how to do it: see the option filter? click on it and set it to point (no filter) and then click apply there you go! your done! btw heres and image of the image setting if you got lost


oh yeah you also have to add in midi music too if you want to be 90s!


hey creators of baldina. i know you dont care or understand this properly but i wanted to say but i dont really think you know what baldi's basics is trying to be. well... i guess ill tell you! baldi's basics was made to make fun of old cheezy edutainment games on the old computers like sonics schoolhouse . its not a weird school its just parodying edutainment games. if you want to make a baldi's basics fangame. put in some weird quirky characters that make no sense whatsoever! or you dont have to do this. this is just a suggestion. btw before i leave i will give you the website i use to dither images. its called retro image tool link: http://tool.anides.de/ how to use: drag and drop the image you want to dither into the page and then. do you see the text that says stuff like spectrum 512/4k? click on the text and the text next to these are the setting for the dithering and color palette if your happy with the result right click the image and click save as. and thats how its done!

I Love you!

i like baldina 

progessive try all of them, after my experiment i have found out with my game all the assets are in all of them but sometimes there seprate

Hello, which sharedassets file are the Baldina textures in? (i mean the one with baldina and principal and stuff)

I think sharedassets2


hey i know that the baldina android version has been taken down but can you make a apk file of the new christmas version of Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar?


so the game is only supported 64 bit?My pc is 32 bit :(



No. Please, download file Win (Ver. 0.0.4) Baldina's Basis... and try to play this game.

Our game supported 32 and 64 bit system


So Awecom, I tried that and it didn't work. Make 32bit port plz.


How to get older version (v. 0.0.2)


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