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Do you like reading the books of great writers? How many books have you read in school over the past year? Baldina is a teacher who makes you love books the way she loves them!

Immerse yourself in school with Baldina! A strict teacher who will persecute you. If you miss the class, she chase, and get you back. All what she want, the correct poem lyrics.
Collect all 8 tips and quickly go back to classroom, to recite the lyrics and win the game. If you get wrong in lyrics, or skip the lesson, Baldina will get mad and punish you.
Be careful, because notes mixed randomly, so you must understand right sequence.

Use boosts to avoid interference from school staff. They are very kind people, but they love to pester you.

Look for boosts to help yourself during the game.

Hints - Paper fragments with poem lyrics.
Book - Stops Baldina for a short time.
Burger - Guard like burgers much more, than punish children.
Answers “A+” - Give it to MathGirl, and she will solve tasks by herself.
Lock Pick - Helps to leave the room when the Bully lock you.
Newspaper - Drop it on the Principal’s way, to distract him.
Boots - Helps you to run up on the wet floor.
Key - Opens the Principal's room with boots.
Mirror - Helps you get rid of the Queen of the school influence. Use a mirror to make Queen became Gorgon Queen and not draw away your attention.
The key to the director's - opens the director's door to pick up shoes.

Features "Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar":
- unique characters;
- The developed world of school with its own characteristics;
- the tense atmosphere of the game;
- unforgettable adventures;
- The basics of literature in school and not only.


Use the WASD keys to move on school, and the mouse to turn. 
LEFT CLICK to pick up items, RIGHT CLICK to use the currently selected item, and SCROOL WHEEL to change the currently selected item. 
Hold down SHIFT to run.
Press SPACE bar to quickly look behind you.
ESCAPE can be used to pause.

Update 0.0.4 Release!

Christmas theme and new character!


To our great regret, the game on the Google Play Market has been blocked.
Here is a link to the game for Android version

Android game!


Thanks for your support!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BaldinaEducationAndLearning



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Win (Ver. 0.0.4) Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar_.zip 32 MB
Mac (Ver. 0.0.4) Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar_.zip 35 MB

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Hello, which sharedassets file are the Baldina textures in? (i mean the one with baldina and principal and stuff)

I think sharedassets2

hey i know that the baldina android version has been taken down but can you make a apk file of the new christmas version of Baldina's Basis in Education Literary Grammar?

so the game is only supported 64 bit?My pc is 32 bit :(


No. Please, download file Win (Ver. 0.0.4) Baldina's Basis... and try to play this game.

Our game supported 32 and 64 bit system



what should i do??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

I dont want to be rude.

But is this a Fangame of Baldis basic in education and learning?

Or is it a ripoff

either way the game is good

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hi baldina, so I'm trying to Download this app on Google play Store but it doesn't have 1, it's said item not Found so yea not have 1

(1 edit)

To our great regret, the game on the Google Play Market has been blocked.
Here is a link to the game for Android version


whattttttttttttttttttttttt issssssssssssss thattttttttttttttt


why the scream is from fnaf 2

This game was pretty fun. Not to difficult either.


Can you tell me the names/roles of all the characters? Like who is the guy who blocks the doors? And does the little girl have a name? Etc etc. I'd like a complete list, because we're making videos on youtube about them.

Sorry for the long delay, we make the game.

Our characters:

Baldina - a teacher of literature. She runs after you after the bell rings to find you. She needs to recite a verse after you collect all the necessary clues.

Principal - catches you in the office for the guilty only when you run around the school.

Bully - closes the door for 7 seconds if you are in the same room with him. He is very cleverly hiding, so he is never visible until he closes the door.

Zauchka (MathGirl) - the girl always learns perfectly well, but she needs help in solving examples, because she does not have time to cope with all her tasks.

Cleaner (Semenovna) - cleaned throughout the school. Very thoroughly washes the floors and can sometimes overdo it and wash so that you can not walk on the floor until it dries.

The guard (Mikhalych) - guards all the rooms that the director ordered him to guard. He is very kind and sweet, so he holds you for a short time if you fall into his hands.

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hey! i made a 3d model version of the bully! here is the 3d model version and the original version side by side i made him in paint 3d "stay here eeh"

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now i just did the MathGirl 

Mmm, you can really taste the unoriginality in this one!

This is bloody awful, why are you trying to cash in on something you don't quite understand?


Played this game..... was pretty fun..... and scary..... and frustrating..... but still fun.....

I definitely enjoyed this game! Not sure if I will do another vid on it but did enjoy it!

is there ever going to be a camping version of this game and is there going to be a version 0.0.4?

Version 0.0.4 will be. It will include a Christmas update, correcting some of the nuances.
In the future, the expansion of the game is planned.

This is just a Baldi's reskin, and bugged to where I can't play it. The entire Baldi's basics spinoff games is dead. I can tell no effort went into this as all of the characters only have one dialogue line after the non exsistent tutorial. This was all around a horrible game, and I would love to see something with at least a bit of effort.

Baldina's is a pretty fun game. It will be way better like many have said once  the bugs have been hammered out. The new cast of characters in this game are interesting although many of them share the same traits as, the Baldi cast such as, the hall monitor.










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Make it for crome os :[

Requirements: APK Downloader Extention , ARC Welder. ID: emfinbmielocnlhgmfkkmkngdoccbadn

Downloading Baldina's Basis With Your Shiny New APK Downloader

Now Just Follow Along

  1. Go To https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Iceman.ScaryTeacher While Your Open chrome-extension://fgljidimohbcmjdabiecfeikkmpbjegm/apkdownload.html
  2. Copy The URL (on number 1) And Paste It On The Box (not the url section) But On APK Downloader And Click Generate Download Link
  3. Now After The APK Is Done You Are Going To Need To Open ARC Welder And Create A New Folder (for running baldina's basis)
  4. Now You Can Finally Mess With The Options. But When Your Ready To Begin Playing, Click Test.

Great Job. You Finally Install Baldina's Basis On Chrome OS.

I want to try but I have a small laptop

thank you from baldifan100

edit its a Lenovo laptop

edit edit I hope that you will be able to fix this

from baldfan100


make it for Lenovo laptops please 



baldifan100. Why A Teddy Bear

because I can

i really like the game and why is there a fnaf 2 jumpscare sound AaronBasra

could you make the janitors time which is 15 seconds nerfed to 10 seconds as it is very unfair and aggravating.

Could you make the game easier to play

When I drop the open book it does not stop Baldina

The game is very hard could their be another item which stops Baldina and when the bully traps you cannot open the door even after the countdown. 


Hello. The game's not really bad but deserves some fixes. Maybe even A LOT of fixes.

First, the wacky controls with tables are extremly frustating, atleast Baldi's controls are good compared to this game.

Secondly, some items I found on the map aren't just pickable. I just can't pick them. (And they are pickable items)

Hello Friend!
Please, tell more about the problems?
What objects have problems and at what point in the game?
Please read the description of the game, maybe you missed the moment how to use this or that item.
For example, you can set a burger only when you are close to the guard, etc.



also @baldina_official_page , great game, also this makes it look like baldi has a sister!! HAHAHAHA!!

When Baldi meets baldina! he be like:

baldi: who are you, FANGIRL?!

Baldina: im baldina! I like literature!

baldi: I like math :P

baldina: cool 


Baldis crackhead sister is at it too?!?! I can’t believe this.. lol good game. Could be more menacing with a few more sfx.

I enjoyed playing this game! The characters are very interesting and the game brings an interesting concept to horror games!

when I press start nothing happened and audio and join facebook  and quit how do I fix it?

Hello Friend!
Tell, in which version of the error occurs, Windows or Mac OS?



I thought this was a really cool game!  Great job :) 


This game is something different and has some flaws, it doesn't give any notice of what to do at the beginning, it needs to have a bit more work to it, tho it seems to be a fad game. 

Hello Friend!
In the next update we will try to add training so that the players immediately understand what needs to be done.

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