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This is a demo version of the game. If you like it, we will develop it. We hope for your support. Thank!


Play for Angry Teacher. Camping

Let's go to the camping!

Now the task is not easy, you need to spend the night in the forest.

Play angry teacher. The student's task is not to let the fire go out. If the fire goes out, you need to catch up with it and explain well how to keep the fire burning.


Rotate around yourself and set traps to delay the student.

After the fire goes out, the chase mode begins.

Your character can move independently, using the slider or touch panel.

You can move automatically by selecting the switches, and you will only have to direct its movement.

Your character can move independently, your task is to guide him with the mouse. Now you can move automatically, or by clicking on the "W" button. U-turn on the "S" key. A change of mode from automatic to manual, either by pressing the spacebar or after pressing the forward button "W"

"A", "D" - turn on left, right

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PCx64 (Ver. 0.0.1) Play for Angry Teacher. Camping.zip 29 MB
PCx32 (Ver. 0.0.1) Play for Angry Teacher. Camping.zip 26 MB
MAC (Ver. 0.0.1) Play for Angry Teacher. Camping.app.zip 29 MB

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This is No Tomorrow

Nice Game and Have Fun the Game


That's perfect


У меня есть идея для новой игры играть для злой учительницы ФАРМ. Здесь вам нужно будет найти ученика в кукурузном лабиринте! если игрок доберется до флага, вы проиграете!

Report bug: Sometimes the game crash, so you pause the game and come back for is game again for works again.

When you pause the game when it is in the range of the blue balls to fill up, when you return to the game, the balls are already full, but you can't put the ropes