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Abandoned hospital with terrible reputation.
The old midwife, who worked until went crazy. 

You wake up in the morgue and need to escape from the hospital. 
Find the necessary to escape items. 
Watch out for the old nurse to stay alive. 
Grandma has already gone mad and nothing can stop it. 

Hold your breath, after hiding around the corner, and granny will lost you. 

Explore the hospital, find items to distract the granny and you escape it alive.


Use the WASD keys to go to the hospital, and the mouse to rotate. RIGHT CLICK to use the item or interact with the environment. F turn on or turn off the flashlight. Q throw or pick up / use a walkie-talkie. Hold SPACE for breath holding. ESCAPE can be used to pause.


Android release later!

Release to Apple!

Itunes release!


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Win (Ver. Evil Granny Nurse in Hospital.rar 43 MB
Mac (Ver. Evil Granny Nurse in Hospital.rar 44 MB

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I don't play your game but I know it's ok and not bad and keep up the good work.(The reason I don't play is because my computer won't let me😂)I hope what those two bastards(and more)below review doesn't cut your spirit.Just know me and other positive and nice people are here for you!And I hope you do much better work for your future project.Never give up and keep up the good work!






Some bugs? Try not being able to leave the first room buggy. Granny just appears and there's really no way to get away from her. Quite disappointed. I actually thought it'd be decent.

You need to step into a corner and hold your breath, then grandma will turn off the electricity and will leave on the elevator.
It’s not pretty good that they rated the game at 1 star.


Tried that. I have a video coming out next week. I held my breath and the granny just made a beeline towards me.

It gets a one star rating. It's poorly made and capitalizes off the "Granny" phenomenon.


This looks so scary!! And this is not even finished

Gave it a go...

hi, big thx for the game. i had problems  with the game. but looks nice. greetings from germany

Another positive and calm player.Heyyo!Greetings from Malaysia.

Haha  I just Stuck Granny in Elevator and completed the game easily :D

Please Fix that Bug or Glitch xD

Try again to download and play. Tried to fix it.

Thanks a lot bro ))

I love how positive and calm you are. <3 

Thanks a lot Damia :) 

How you now that my name is Damia..🤣🤣🤣🤣

I thought it going to be invincible😁😂😂

I checked your profile :))