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hello awecome, could you please add baldina back to the play store / app store. thank you

my gameplay video

Pls  buldi basics camping 2 and baldi chirstimes camping pls android 

Awecom pls buldi field trip and baldina 0.0.5 android pls



Fix the mouse if you die or win

Yeah the mouse is very broken at the end, I have to restart the game everytime.

A reply

hey boys! i have my mod from baldi's basics in a itchio page here is the link so you can check it and download :)

Here's what would probably happen if Baldi met Baldina: (Vectors by hudmaceachern on Scratch)


WHY IS 0.0.5 NOT ON ANDROID!!!! :0 :/

I feel like making baldina's basis free exclusive edition. Lol!

sounds good


Can you do a Android versión of baldinas basis 0.0.5

and here of the cleaner

here is a fan art of the bully

There are also some errors, for example, in the dining room in open spaces, it cannot happen, I don't know because it is as if there is an invisible barrier.

The game is not bad and in the update 0.0.5 several errors were corrected but now there have been mass errors that were not in the previous versions, for example when you lose, you do not get the mouse to try again, one thing that is bad gameplay is that the tables are very close and it is annoying

and also... is a very good game i like more than baldis basics(dont tell to mystam12) is a good game and very good job you can do a halloween mode like the 0.0.4 and instead the poems are  candy bags 

ill tell mystman12

the ver 0.0.6 is coming soon?

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and also sometimes the item book of baldina dosen't pick up. fix it please

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hi creators of baldina basis!!! You can fix the bug of with you lose the mouse not appears to restart? write me please!!!

Love this Baldi fangame alot. Very instresting and fun! I have a problem though. In version 0.0.5 whenever i lose it dosen't show my mouse so i get stuck on the screen. Can you please fix it? Also whens version 0.0.6 coming out?


Love it!


why is the steam version 6 dollars 

No idea.

Dude, This is not an original game. It shouldn't have a price. If you make a game based off another game (without even mentioning the original) and you give it a price tag, you could easily be sued. It is legal to make a fangame but if you go as far to make it cost money and not credit the original, You're stealing, So stop it.

It doesn't. The payment is optional. If you mean the steam version, I have no idea.

Not to mention this is built from the ground up with no stolen assets.

what about the notebook sprites (theres a room with the notebooks from baldi)

this comment is 240 days old. also, it was stupid.

oh ok

Dude Baldi's basics is a independent and Slender game! So it's not "stealing"

does this have to cost money.

It doesn't. The payment is optional.

Well, even though it isn't the best in the quality, and it seems like the most empty shell clone on the surface, its actually, somehow fun to play! Despite the memes, which were REALLY unnecessary, characters were alright. It isn't even that unoriginal! With the music, graphics, characters and the game itself, it feels like it has its own pleasant aesthetics.

What i would really recommend to you Awecom, is please, you do have good potential in weird character design and making some pretty enjoyable games, just please, make your own original ideas. It isn't a problem to make fan-games, some people make fantastic ones, it just doesn't work here, not that funny! Baldina wasn't bad. Your other games like :

Evil Granny: Nurse in Hospital,

Play for Angry Teacher,

5 Nights of Basics Education.

It just sounds like a joke in the names. These titles don't even make any sense! It sounds like these awful google play games. You are just stretching the fan-game aspect tooooo much. By keeping doing this, you would fall into obscurity.

I am following you and your youtube channel. I would be really interested in your weird and fascinating character designs that you personally make. Waiting to see for your next project!

It's just a Balid's Basic's clone

Gameplaygames: I Don,t know what He Does

You Can do 0.0.6

Idea for this Version: Add A Robot Character 

And what does he do?

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Is this really 1.0.0...

Where you find this apk?
No. Ver 1.0 is not ready

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It was the official one from mediafire.

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Is the one in steam 0.0.6? If so, you should port this version on mobile. Also, can you make it free or cheaper? If not, that does not matter. My cousin actually loves this game because the characters are cute and funny. Great job! :)




hey may i got a quiz dust baldina is baldi wife


No, she is not.

well i like baldi x baldina is better ship 

Just, Stop.

People who pay for the game: Good man!

People who ask for free game: Get honked.


Please make a linux version!

Well it would be a honor if anymore could put any baldina texture they find on a comment

When I start the game and press play button I can't see my mouse and can't start the game.

Press "Esc" (Escape) Key Then Press Play.

its ----ing



No, it is NOT their fault. this was done by apple and google respectively.

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