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i wanna some games like this, i will follow u ;)

32 bit

for some reason this is not on the app store could you please upload it back and baldina?


you was the guy that made baldina's basis and you made a ripoff of it :/

cheerleader my version


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list of game ideas.

play for angry teacher plus

bulbis basics education school plus.

baldina field trip.

YAAAY, and can you make for windows 32 bits, i can't play, ... i can play on my android phone, but i love play in the computer

You can play on android

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Baldina's BACK! And now I can play as her!

Also, a suggestion: Difficulties. Just like PFAT 1, you can select the difficulties.

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awecom is just a bootlegger. you guys do not notice.

First Prize the Lemon Robot

First Prize is a lemon robot. 

A gift for Lemon Baldi. :)Lemon Baldi Characters