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You should make Apk files because the Google play URL is gone


woow nice work what if you will do 5 nights of basics education 2 because i want to see what happen


Zip release when?

plz dont respond to this, awecom

Un videojuego muy divertido

Pretty cool game, I like it

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This game is really cool, I really enjoyed it in this video I made. You probably may not be able to notice my enjoyment but I really did. It's a shame that it's unlikely that I will continue playing.... but I am glad I played it though!

I played this game for the first part of this video, I really sucked at this but it made for some funny moments lol 

How does one get FLAYED BY A MOM AND A CHILD.. lol 


Yes it is!

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This was a great game bro, but personally I think it was to easy 😅I beat the whole game, and got the crap scared outta me along the way 💀hope you enjoy this video!

Hi sharkzzz!

It's great that our game was able to scare you. We will continue to update and make the game more difficult.
Thanks for the feedback!

Stay with us!

Cool! Thanks for watching 😁

I almost had night 3 too if it weren't for my dogs that scared me. You can eventually script the game and not even watch the cameras anymore :) Check it out

Hi Retpit!

It may not always work, but in some ways you are right.
Thank you for your opinion!
Stay with us.

Hey. I like your game. Even though I said some bad stuff in video, but than again every normal person would know that I was joking. If you wanna, check the video ;) keep making good games for us 

Hey OxoTheAlien!

No big deal, we can understand any humor!
Stay with us!

I am waiting for more games in future. stay awesome!

I guess it was bound to happen.

This happened!

i'm not sure if it's just me, but i can't see the characters when they are at the doors or on the cameras.  plus the jumpscares aren't good. at all.  please patch that up

Hi iPwn6s!

Try to make the brightness more. Sometimes the characters hide at the tables and they are short.
Be attentive and you will see them.
Good luck!

This is legit man. Thank you very much for this combo. Love it. I've managed to pass day 1, with countless deaths, but had some good jumpscares. Eager for night 2.

Hi Retpit!

Thanks for the feedback!
Successes in your activities. You can meet our other projects.
Stay with us.

I had fun playing it! It is actually pretty good.

Hi Lightifer!

Thank you for your opinion!
Stay with us.

I couldn't really make it past night 3, but I had fun playing it. For a mashup of two games, it is actually good!


Hi RushBee!

Thanks for the video review and for your opinion!
Get well!


You stole assets from two games and mashed them together as one. I don't know why you think this is okay.

The jumpscares got the best of me and I didn't make it very far. Still enjoyable.

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Hi Lilacgamer!

Thank you for the video review of our game!
If you like scary games, you can try other projects in our profile.
Stay with us!

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Hi DynAhmed!

Thanks for the video review of our game!
Please rate our game if you like it! Thank you in advance!
Stay with us!

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Hi flxp!

Thanks for creating this video, we made you a game for video!
But seriously, thanks for appreciating our game, stay with us!

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interesting game !

I definitely shouldn't have played it when I'm sick though XD

Hi Nobody In Nowhere!

Thanks for the video review and for your opinion!
Get well!

no problem ☺

I will for sure play it again!

Thanks for making the game and good luck in the future ☺

i don't know how i got here but .. it wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be, Awecom definitely has potential to make some gem horror games , i'm looking forward to what comes next from this! enjoy the vid (i didn't know what i was doing half the time LOL) 



Thank you very much for your opinion and for seeing our potential!
Stay with us and meet other games!

This game was very well made! Reminded me a lot of Five Nights At Baldi's but I thought this game seemed much more polished! Great work! :)


Hi The Frustrated Gamer!

Thanks for the tip and video! We are always fun to watch your videos, cool work!
Stay with us!

this was sooooo jumpy! my god!! one minute they are on the camera, next thing you know, they are there stood at your door XD great job on making this game :D

Hi JayPlaysOfficial!

Thank you for making a video review of our game! We are very pleased!
Stay with us in the future!

Pretty fun game! Even though I was pretty scared and couldn't even beat the first night, I still had fun! I would wish that I control the interface with some of the keys on the keyboard instead of using just your mouse. I am also very glad that my trash computer can even run this game without any lag! Because lag in a horror game just makes thing more scary for me ;~; I would play again but only if people actually want to see me play it because yes...I'm a coward ;~; I can see a lot of potential in a game like this! Thanks so much and keep up the good work!

Hi MasonJason!

Thank you very much for the detailed review!
Many are afraid to play such games is normal. The more you play, the faster you get used to fear.
We, in turn, will try to do something new that will scare you!
Thanks again!

I found it a bit confusing as I've never played games like this one before, in saying that the learning curve came quick as did the jumpscares! It was a great game and I really enjoyed it.

Hi sarahja!

Thank you very much for the review and video review on our game!
Stay with us!

here is my second part ;)

Hello Rostiger!
Thank you very much for your work! We are waiting for new videos!

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Please do not need to spam the game. Thank you for understanding.

hi, big thx for the cool game. i love it. greetings from germany

This game was SUPER fun! The jump scares got me hard and kept me on edge! However, you can beat the game too easy once you figure out how to work the game. Nonetheless, It was time worth playing and if they update the game with a patch to make it more challenging, it will only add to the experience!

Keep it up! Cant wait to see more!

Thanks for the feedback.
We are already thinking about improving the characters so that the game is more interesting and more difficult!
Stay with us!

Oh yeah! I can't wait! Haha.  And I do agree! It's way better and scarier than Baldi's! You got a follow from me Awecom! 

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Thank! We think so too!


Very well done! really enjoyed it! I beat the game and found a strategy that really worked, maybe too well? you might take a look to see if you want to patch it out in the future. 



We fixed this bug! You can try to go through the game now and also record a review on it.
We are very pleased!